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Early in his life Alec began with painting. But when he started his first job, painting was pushed in the background. But his passion couldn't be suppressed any more and he came back better than ever. The artwork is inspired by movies, music and stars. The sharp contrast between black and white gives every room a special atmosphere. His style is not defined in just one way and likes to experiment with new ideas. Today painting is necessary for Alecs recreational life in order to get peace fun and creativity.

The artwork is painted on high quality canvas. These are made with white grounded cotton, very fine structured and is spanned on a wooden frame. The canvas is fixed on the back of the frame, so you can hang it on the wall without needing any additional frames. The wood used for the frame is from very good quality and made to last for a long time.
I only use first class acrylic paints made for artists from 'go create'. These paints are especially made for professional artists, are lightproof and show brilliant colours for a long time. To protect the paintings from dirt, dust and moisture they will get an additional layer of varnish.
To ensure that the artwork reaches you in perfect condition, it will be wrapped in a big piece of paper to protect it from dirt and moisture firstly. Afterwards it gets another layer of a special bubble wrap which protects from hard knocks. The final packaging for shipment is made out of a thick, corrugated cardboard that is custom made for each painting to make sure it withstands nearly every possible condition on its way to you.

An overview on my artwork:

Here you can find a little selection of paintings made by Luke Bauer.